The Warrior and The Beast

Anxiety is a sneaky beast.

An unwanted bastard.

One moment you’re fine.

The other, you’re down the dumps.

It hits you out of nowhere.

You’re unprepared.

Not armed properly.

And certainly not ready to fight.

Anxiety likes to attack from behind.

First, you feel it simmering inside you. Unconsciously, you clench your teeth. Your muscles begin to tense up.

Then, the simmer turns into a bubble.

Like a volcano close to eruption.

Your heartbeat increases. You feel hot and sick.

The tense feeling gets worse.

It intensifies in milliseconds.

And spreads like a nasty germ. It becomes unstoppable.

Creeping in every corner of your body.

Becoming all-consuming.

That’s when it hits you full-on. You’re going to boil over.

You panic.

And try to take it off the heat.

But it’s too late.

Survival mode is switched on.

Your brain freezes.

Unable to think clearly.

You feel paralysed. Shell-shocked.

You’re gonna be ok.

That’s what you tell yourself.

It’s just a feeling.

Nothing is going to happen.

Take a deep breath.

Inhale, exhale. And repeat.

Inhale, exhale.

You have to stay focused.

Leave no room for your thoughts.

That’s your weapon. Your superpower.

The beast slowly loses shape.

It fades away.

With every breath you take. Until it dissolves in thin air.

Eventually, the anxiety is gone.

You won.

But it will come back.

You stay alert, frightened.

But remember.

Every victory counts.

It weakens the anxiety.

And one day, it’s goodbye forever.

Thank you Cate for sharing your poem. 

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