Self-Harm Network Scotland launches new page for British Sign Language users and Deaf community

Penumbra’s Self-Harm Network Scotland service has published a brand-new page on their website for British Sign Language (BSL) users in the Deaf community.

The aim of the new page is to make the website accessible, so that the service can reach and help as many people as possible who may be in need of support.

Self-Harm Network Scotland provides free compassionate support, resources, and information for people who self-harm, as well as support and information for friends, families, and professionals. The service also provides 1:1 peer support for people who self-harm via an online webchat every evening and through recovery focussed support sessions which can be delivered via phone/video call to anyone in Scotland.

The new BSL page contains BSL translations of self-harm resources, and BSL translations from conversations Self-Network Scotland’s peer practitioners have had on key topics around self-harm and their experience of self-harm, as well as how they have supported people. There are 17 videos in total.

The page was published on the same day that the Scottish Government published their BSL translation of Scotland’s Self-Harm Strategy and Action Plan Easy Read. The strategy and action plan, which was published last year, provides context to the Scottish Government’s commitment to improving support for anyone affected by self-harm, in any capacity.

The aim of the new page is to make the website accessible, so that the service can reach and help as many people as possible who may be in need of support.

Darren Boyd, Network Manager at Self-Harm Network Scotland said:

“We know that anyone can be affected by self-harm, and with good, compassionate support there is hope for people to find their own way forward. Because of this, it is really important to us that Self-Harm Network Scotland’s resources, tools and information can be accessed by everyone. Working with our partners at British Deaf Association (BDA) and our funders, the Scottish Government, we have translated all the resources on our website into British Sign Language, to ensure that BSL users can easily access the information.”

“The BDA have been incredible on this journey, allowing us to learn and grow with their guidance and support. We look forward to continuing this partnership, and working to support anyone in the Deaf community who may be impacted by self-harm. We welcome feedback and opportunities to speak with people who have lived experience of self-harm about how we can further support them.”

Avril Hepner, Scotland Manager at British Deaf Association said:

“BDA Scotland are delighted to be working in partnership with Self-Harm Network Scotland on producing vital work about self-harm in British Sign Language (BSL). This work will improve access to information about self-harm for Deaf BSL users. We are pleased to see the development of this piece of work and hope it will open up opportunities for Deaf people to approach Penumbra Mental Health’s Self-Harm Network Scotland website for further tips, advice, and information. Thanks to the Scottish Government and Self-Harm Network Scotland once again for partnering with us on this important piece of work.”

For support and information on self-harm, please visit: Self-Harm Network Scotland

Check out the BSL page here: SHNS BSL page

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