Our role in Scotland's suicide prevention movement

We were delighted to be part of the recent launch of Suicide Prevention Scotland which is the Network that is working to deliver Scotland’s Suicide Prevention Strategy – “Creating Hope Together”. We are part of the recently established delivery collective that will take this work forward and we will work with Change Mental Health,  Samaritans, SAMH, Public Health Scotland and the Scottish Government to deliver the outcomes, actions outlined in the strategy Creating Hope Together: suicide prevention strategy 2022 to 2032 – gov.scot (www.gov.scot)

There are 4 over-arching outcomes:

  1. The environment we live in promotes conditions that protect against suicide risk – this includes our psychological, social, cultural, economic and physical environment.
  2. Our Communities have a clear understanding of suicide, risk factors and its prevention – so that people and organisations are more able to respond in helpful and informed ways when they, or others need support.
  3. Everyone affected by suicide is able to access high quality, compassionate, appropriate and timely support – which promotes wellbeing and recovery. This applies to all children, young people and adults who experience suicidal behaviour, anyone who cares for them and anyone affected by suicide in other ways.
  4. Our approach to suicide prevention is well planned and delivered, through close collaboration between national, local and sectoral partners. Our work is designed with lived experience insight, practice, data, research and intelligence. We improve our approach through regular monitoring, evaluation and review.

People’s lived and living experiences will continue to be central to the work of Suicide Prevention Scotland

It’s a privilege that Penumbra has been selected to be the Strategic Lead for Outcome 3.  We will lead this outcome in partnership with Change Mental Health. The principles of Time, Space, Compassion will be central to how this work is progressed and the most recent newsletter related to this work is also attached. Another fundamental element of the approach will be peer support and our colleagues at the Scottish Recovery Network will play a key role in developing peer capacity in communities.

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