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Delight for Penumbra as Milestone picks up prestigious award

Penumbra Milestone in Edinburgh has been awarded a prestigious health award during the Mental Health and Wellbeing Awards. Milestone won the award for most innovative mental health service with judges describing the team as “going the extra mile with excellent outcomes”.

Penumbra Milestone is an alcohol-free 10-bed step-down residential facility which provides short-term care for people with ARBD (Alcohol Related Brain Damage) who no longer require medical intervention, but who are not ready to go directly home. The service is a partnership between mental health charity Penumbra, NHS Lothian, City of Edinburgh Health&Social Care Partnership, Midlothian H&SCP, West Lothian H&SCP, East Lothian H&SCP, and Waverley Care.

Through the provision of intensive, multidisciplinary support Penumbra Milestone improves outcomes for people with ARBD and reduces the number of days they spend in an acute hospital settings despite no longer requiring acute medical care.

ARBD is the term that is used to describe a range of symptoms which occur following a prolonged period of heavy drinking, such as: difficulty remembering, difficulty concentrating, feeling confused, irritated, or having difficulty making choices and decisions. With the right care, support and treatment people with ARBD can make a significant recovery.

Commenting on the news, Penumbra Milestone Service Manager Lesley Forbes, said, “We’re delighted to win this award for Milestone. The team and I are all feeling very proud that our work has been recognised in this way. Awards like this are a chance to raise awareness of ARBD and it also shines a light on the innovative work we undertake with the inspirational people who access our service here at Milestone.

“The wellbeing outcomes for people accessing Milestone who are at risk of slipping through the net are quite astounding. But we know that the more we recognise and understand ARBD and with the right support, people can and do make a significant recovery.”

Awards like this are a chance to raise awareness of ARBD and it also shines a light on the innovative work we undertake with the inspirational people who access our service here at Milestone.

East Lothian IJB Chair Councillor Fiona O’Donnell added, “Penumbra’s Milestone Project richly deserves the Innovative Interventions Award. I know that it has made a real and positive difference in the lives of the people who use its services. Congratulations to our partners at Milestone – your work and approach is outstanding and makes a lasting contribution to the recovery of people with ARDB.’’

Fiona Hume, Assistant Programme Manager, NHS Lothian continued, “I am delighted that the ARBD Unit at Penumbra Milestone has been recognised for their innovative approach to supporting the mental health and well being of people with ARBD. The team’s hard work. skill and dedication to working with this vulnerable group of patients is truly inspiring and even more so in the challenging times of Covid.  This service and all the staff involved are a great example of what can be achieved through partnership working  and delivering a person centred care service.”

The photo shows (l-r): Amy McNamara (Occupational Therapist), Paula Mason (Recovery Practitioner), Lesley Forbes (Service Manager), Willie Welsh (Peer Volunteer), Steph Gray (Recovery Worker).

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